Born from a dynasty of jewelry experience and expertise, Hussein Mahallati followed his late father's legacy and his personal journey. This is how Caelos was homegrown in Dubai. A brand that merges family heritage and pop culture. The past, present, and future in one statement. Luxury jewelry expertise that has been passed down through the generations, with essence and drive of passion, craftsmanship, rooted from a collective family dynamic, full of emotion and emotionally intertwined history, nurtured with innovation and modernity all at once.
Mahallati’s bespoke designs are an expression and ethereal experience of luxury and timelessness while shifting the status quo of what jewelry signifies in society. Every statement piece is a revolution inside and out.
Crafted with the finest DF-VS+ quality, every single diamond or stone studded gem is handpicked, curated are GIA and IGI tested for authenticity from the most credible sources, ensuring opulent and optimal, and outstanding quality. With every one-of-a-kind piece, elegance is reflected like a beam, but it’s only made for the bold and the brave.
Caelos is all about loyalty and royalty.

Caelos is old school but the new cool.

Caelos is power, swagger, forever.

Caelos is exclusivity and confidence at its finest.

Caelos is for every man and woman, but not for everyone.

Caelos is real, raw, and ruthless.

A brand that bridges the past, to create a revolution, a duality, to reclaim your power, confidence, and reposition the industry for the future, timelessly defying time.

Now, are you ready to wear your power?